My Awakening

My Awakening
Sad that we even have to think about this….But we DO!

When I was diagnosed with BC in 2017 I chose to heal naturally.

I was fortunate to find a doctor that actually understands the human body and it’s “intelligent design”.
 He looked at areas of my body for clues like skin tags, skin discoloration, lifted toenails, body temperature, blood tests ect.
 He helped me get my hormones balanced and make some changes in my eating and my exercise routine. 
He helped me to understand the why behind the what. … He encouraged me to research xenoestrogens and endocrine disruptors.

Xeno means fake or false ,so fake estrogens. Fake means synthetic. Synthetic is made by a man in a laboratory. We are not synthetic, we are natural!
When our body is full of fake estrogen it causes estrogen dominance which makes FAT CELLS MULTIPLY!!!!   The synthetic substance lives in our fat cells. Can you see the importance of stopping this crazy cycle?

Endocrine disruptors means this supply of fake estrogens disrupt your endocrine system. So basically these fake estrogens throw off your entire endocrine and natural hormonal system eventually leaving you with horrific symptoms and even diseases such as in my case.

When I researched this I did not have to go very far before I realized the direct correlation and the impact this had on my health.

There are some things we can’t control but there is MUCH WE CAN CONTROL! We are the gatekeeper of our home and WE control what we purchase and use on the daily. 

It is crazy to think that the simple products we use every single day year after year are harming us.
Things like shampoo, toothpaste, make-up, deodorant, soap, dish soap, house cleaners, air fresheners, candles….. just normal seemingly harmless products that we all use.

I have a very vivid memory of the day I had my awakening. I was mad! I was shocked! But….It caused me to take control of my health.

I filled an entire trash bag with products from every cabinet and counter in my home.

I found a source of products that I trusted and replaced the chemical based products for plant based products.
 I also discovered that just because a label says it is “clean” or “natural” does not mean it really is. This is why a trusted source is so important.

Our bodies are amazing! When you stop the toxification and assist your body in getting rid of the toxins that accumulated inside of you and love your body by filling it with good, it then loves you back and heals. It is truly remarkable!

This has had such a profound  effect on my own body and I KNOW the importance , I want to share truth with every woman I can.

If you would like to be a part of my free focus group and try some samples to replace some of the worst offendersreach out to me. 

I am just a woman that wants to help other women.

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