How We Sold It all for A Simpler Life
We recently sold everything we own and bought a fifth wheel to live in full time. We found ourselves feeling unsatisfied with status quo and desired a simpler way of living.

 I get a lot of questions about how we sold EVERYTHING!

Well, it was no simple task and I am sure others have done the same in a much more efficient way but we got the job done and we got it done fast. Here is what I did.

I first started selling all the things I rarely used or simply did not want any longer online a few months prior to the actual move. I used FB marketplace for this part.
I sold all sorts of items from entertaining glassware to a flat iron. People love a good deal!
If you are thinking of downsizing in the future I suggest you start doing this part now.

Then, I placed an ad in the newspaper. Yes it is still a popular way to advertise in the small upper NE state we lived in. I also utilized all modalities available on Face Book. FB Marketplace is my favorite.
We had a three day moving sale /living estate sale.

 Since we would be living in our fifth wheel, we needed very little. We put all the items we wanted to keep in one room of our house and closed the door.

We priced everything else, opened the doors and just rolled with it. IT WAS CRAZY!

We sold a majority of our items at this sale.  There were some items left in the house that we decided to sell once we got an offer on our house.

Two months later we went at it again. This time I relied solely on Facebook Market place and the buy/sell online groups in the area.

This takes lots of monitoring and tons of patience and plenty of Stress Away oil. Make up your mind in advance that kindness  is the way and keep the overall goal in mind… Get rid of stuff!

This part of the process took one week since we were also doing final repairs and cleaning of our home for the new owners.

Everything that was left, we gave away and donated to charities. The result….. FREEDOM!
I would do it all over again given the chance.

If you are considering selling it all to achieve a dream, GO FOR IT!


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