Speak Love and Truth Over Yourself
It is time to start speaking truth over ourselves!

Listen friend, the Word of God tells us that God is LOVE. He says we are made in HIS image.

That means we are the image of LOVE. Speak love over yourself and see if you don’t experience a “shift”.

Recently I looked in the mirror and said to me “you are fat”. Ouch. If someone other than our own self said that to us it would hurt badly!  STOP!

DO you realize that our cells listen to our thoughts? It is true, not only do they listen but they do what they hear. Think about that one.  Our thoughts are POWERFUL!

When I was healing from bc I spoke this over myself multiple times a day.

“I am healthy, I am well, I am whole in Jesus name.” Each time I was conscious of my thoughts and my words, a peace washed over me. I found that it was easier to feel love for myself.

 Feeling love for myself made me desire healthier choices. Healthier choices of course bring positive results.

Somewhere along the line I got away from loving me and speaking truth to me.

I like to think of it this way-If positive is light then negative is dark. Light casts out darkness.

Each time you catch yourself thinking or speaking negative-stop, change it to something positive.

Visualize the light casting out the darkness.

 This week I am starting to speak the outcome I desire. Won’t you join me?

Here are few ideas to speak over yourself about your body.

“I am doing a great job”   I love my slender body”  “I love my body”  “ I love you, you are doing great”-(look in the mirror).  
“My body loves the healthy choices I make”  “I am grateful for my healthy active lifestyle” “I prosper in good health”  “I am beautiful”

Self -loathing will never equal love.  
A really great book is “God’s Creative Power” by Charles Capps.

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You are loved, receive it! 
XO  Diana


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